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Port of Skagen is Denmark's most northerly cruise-ship harbour. The larger vessels anchor in the Roads outside the harbour and then take their passengers ashore in tenders


It only takes 5-7 minutes for a tender to cover the distance from the ship to the floating bridge of Auktionsbassinet (the Auction Basin). The passengers will disembark right in the middle of central Skagen only a few minutes' walk from the town's pedestrian area and the marina which is bursting with restaurants and atmosphere. With respect to smaller vessels, these will berth at the new quay in Vesthavnen (the West Harbour), where Port of Skagen provides a shuttle-bus service to central Skagen.


Ideally located at the route between the Norwegian fiords, Copenhagen and the Baltic countries, Skagen is frequently used as a port of transit by many cruise lines.


Port of Skagen has been a member of Cruise Skagen Denmark, since it came into existence in 1999. Cruise Skagen Denmark represents a cooperation between the Municipality of Frederikshavn, Port of Skagen, Skagen Tourist Bureau, Skagen's Chamber of Commerce and Saga Shipping Skagen. This association was established for the purpose of attracting cruise-ships to the area.


Since 1999, Cruise Skagen Denmark and, hence, Port of Skagen have been marketing Skagen as a cruise destination at the international fairs in Miami and Hamburg; and we have established a considerable network among the decision makers of this industry – nationally as internationally. The Cruise Skagen Denmark cooperation also represents a valuable signal to the decision makers that both harbour and town is behind the desire to attract cruise-ship tourism.


Likewise, Port of Skagen is a member of the European cruise-network association Cruise Europe counting more than 100 cruise-destination members.






Havnevagtvej 30
9990 Skagen

Phone: +45 98 44 69 11
Fax: +45 98 44 54 45

Harbour Guard:
24-hour watch phone: +45 98 44 13 46
Fax: +45 98 45 03 38

VHF channel 16,12