Fishery through Generations

Since 1907 the harbour, fishery and the work at the harbour has been the lifeblood of Skagen's life and history. Today with traditional fishery and fish industry side by side in Denmark's largest fishing port which has approx. 6000 landings from fishing vessels.

The port of Skagen is located at the junction between Kattegat, Skagerrak and the North Sea where a large amount of the catch is processed at the quayside and is transported into Europe. The central location in relation to the catch-rich waters makes the port of Skagen an obvious landing harbour for large vessels.

The port of Skagen is Europe's larges fishing harbour for pelagic fish where more than 125,000 tons of fish meal and fish oil is produced for more than 60 countries. The catch of pelagic fish primarily consists of herring and mackerel of which herring amounts approx. 100,000 tons annually. This makes the port of Skagen to one of Northern Europe's most important landing ports for herring.

Large amounts of fish for human consumption and industrial fish are landed annually to the Skagerak Group and FF Skagen. The Skagerak Group is Denmark's largest processor of salmon and pelagic fish in Denmark, and FF Skagen is the world's larges producer of fish meal and fish oil. Both companies attract many landings at the port of Skagen every year.

A large amount of fish is also sold at Skagen Fish Auction where Danish and foreigh buyers purchase catches.



Skagen Havn er en aktiv erhvervshavn med fiskeri, fiskeindustri, værft og servicevirksomheder i en hovedrolle. Aktiviteter knyttet til fiskeriet er kerneområdet, der også skaber omsætning.


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